My Top 5 Favorite Makeup Looks

Hello! Today I thought I’d share with you some of my top favorite looks from around the internet. These are looks that I’ve come to love over the years since I started wearing makeup. Honestly my favorites are all over the place!

1. No-Makeup Makeup

When the idea of makeup first started popping into my head I was an avid fan of Full House! My whole family was. One episode in particular was when the oldest Tanner girl DJ, also began to dabble in makeup. Her makeup may have turned out more over the top i-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing style but the real takeaway is when good ol’ Aunt Becky stepped in to offer some help.

How To Apply Make-up

Strangely enough this piece of advice has stuck with me to this day! Even though nowadays my looks are usually anything but natural looking.

2. Onee-Gyaru

“Onee-Gyaru” is a type of Japanese fashion and makeup. The term “onee” could be interpreted as Big Sister and “gyaru” is literally Japanese for Gal (which is the more commo fashion subculture); combining the two to mean “big sister gal”. Gyaru makeup was meant to go against traditional Japanese beauty standards of pale skin and jet black hair and is a look most commonly worn by younger middle or high school girls. Onee gyau in particular is more seen on older girls, college aged to late 20s.

The style of onee-gyaru is cutesy but with a more sophisticated air to it. The women are not usually rocking oversize eyes and deeply tanned skin, but offer a more Japanese version of what i can closely refer to as glam. Below are a few reference pics.

Image result for onee gyaru
image from tumblr
Image result for onee gyaru
image from The Gossip Gyaru

Back when I was in high school I was huge into the Japanese fashion scene. All of the wild looks were really up my alley. in fact there are a few other categories of
Japanese makeup that will be on this list,

3. Whatever THIS Is!!!

Image result for nina demont
ig @ninademont
Image result for nina demont
ig @ninademont

I have no idea what to even call this style but this teen Instagram star has been making waves lately for her iconic makeup looks. and honestly , i am so here for it! Its so bold and colorful! although summer may have ended I’m still probably going to attempt these looks in my everyday life.

Even though I’ve almost got a good 10 years on this girl, I can still picture myself walking down this street with this vibrant makeup looks!!

Are you going to try it to?

4. Shironuri

This is the other Japanese makeup I am mentioning on this list.

Image result for shironuri
Shironuri is a Japanese style. In Japanese, Shinonuri translates to “painted in white”, referencing traditional white makeup worn by geishas and. stage actors. This style is separate from the Harajuku community, so they usually are not featured in articles about Harajuku fashion.

Now obviously this is not practical for everyday wear and even may teeter on the weird side of the internet that you try to stay away from but here me out- Is this not high-key pretty? Unique?

Now this is ultimately performance makeup so I hope one day when I go to Japan I get to see this makeup on an actor and see it in action.

5. SFX

Special Effects makeup is so interesting! its usually very gory and you can actually get some pretty good tips and tutorials on Instagram these days.

Image result for sfx
Isn’t that cool?!
See the source image

These looks are so gorgeous!!!

These were just a few of my favorite looks. Some I have tried and some I have not. At one point or another I was heavily obsessed with one of these makeup styles. Stay tuned, in the future my favorites my change.

I also want to know what looks you all are into these days? Comment below or on our Instagram  @estyleyou!! Hope to see you there!



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