eStyleYou? What Does That Even Mean?

Who or What is eStyleYou?

eStyleYou is an online and in-person boutique offering fashions nationwide! We’re a small company based out of the fashion mecca of Houston Texas,so ou know we always have the latest fashions for the BEST prices! not to mention our shipping is fast and something cool that we offer is that eligible orders could qualify for SAME DAY DELIVERY!

That’s Cool But… I Still Don’t Know Who You Are.

The company is run by Houston’s resident bargain hunter, Nicole R. No stranger to a good deal, this local icon wanted to share her finds with the world.(But of course even the GOAT must start small… and local.)

I once sat down with the sole proprietress (tell me that title doesn’t sound boss AF) and straight up asked’who do you think you are?’ She told me that owning a business is something that she’s had planned her whole life.  Even though life initially took her on a wildly different path than the one she intended (kids, marriage, re-marriage, yadda yadda) she says she’s glad to be doing what she loves.

Everyday she wakes up scared out of her wits about the uncertainty of the future but not once has she let that fear stop her. #ICONIC

Oookayyy… Why Should I Care?

Umm… Do you like fashion? (Iconic looks only, fyi.) Do you like saving money? Do you like supporting small business? Well,then there you go.

I’m Sold! Where Do I Sign Up?

Just comment your email to join our email list to be notified of new deals. We look forward to hearing from you!

Signing Off,



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Location 7400 Bellerive Dr 806 Houston, TX 77036 Phone 346-606-4976 E-mail Hours Email / Text / Social Platforms 24/7 ~ Reach Us By Phone Ideally Between 10 AM and 8 PM CST
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